Increase Consumer Demand for your Legal Services.

Happy clients are good for business and mediation seems to make clients happy. This is because mediation produces an even more satisfactory outcome than a “good” litigation!

Mediation has a lot going for it. The process is efficient, confidential and inexpensive. It helps develop solutions that are mutually beneficial and therefore more durable. It improves rather than destroys relationships. Therefore, it’s not surprising that mediation has higher success rates than litigation which, if you think about it, never exceeds 50% (i.e.: one party wins, one party loses).

It is important to see mediation as an opportunity, not a threat. Lawyers can add value to the mediation process for their clients. Whether or not present at the mediation, lawyers have an active role to play in preparing their clients and advising them before, during and after.

Lawyers who positively support and assist clients in choosing and preparing for mediation will increase business. So, make mediation an integral tool in your legal problem-solving toolkit today.