Commercial Mediation

Commercial disputes are an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction to business.  They are an enormous drain on management time, energy and money. 

Mediation is a great alternative and can be a cost effective and quicker path to resolution than litigation.  Mediation also gives you greater control over the outcome rather than the risk of a court getting it wrong.    We have skilled legally qualified mediators able to help with your commercial dispute.

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Our Process

  • Once appointed, and prior to mediation, we meet with each party on a confidential basis to discuss the situation, explore goals for resolution and best approaches
  • Co-ordinate the logistics of the mediation (date, time and whether online, face to face or shuttle)
  • Conduct the mediation with both parties
  • We welcome supporters of decision-makers including advisors (legal, financial or other)
  • Co-mediation services are also available and well suited to multi-party disputes

Mediation Fees

Our fees are only a fraction of the usual costs of litigating in court.

  • We charge a fixed fee for your initial Preliminary Assessment Conference.
  • Beyond that, our fees are always tailored to your individual circumstances.
  • Contact us to ask us more.